Teaching Prompts Stages 1 – 6


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LitKit – Communicating the Primary English Curriculum.

In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know – 

Do you need a quick spelling rules lesson to see you through until break time? National curriculum specified for your age group obviously! Need to check a grammatical discrepancy for your class – no problem!

Check out our easy to use, hand held, A5 prompt booklets – if there’s a spelling or grammar rule that your year group needs to know about, it’s in there!

Teaching Prompts – In depth

LitKit offers hand held, easy to use spelling, grammar and handwriting prompts. The hand held spelling prompt booklets can be used alongside any current system the school has in place. Alternatively, spellings have been grouped together in a suggested weekly teaching guide. The LitKit teaching prompts include all age-related spellings outlined in the national curriculum as well as the statutory spelling lists for each year group.

The hand held grammar prompt booklet has been created as a quick reference guide to everything grammar. Grammar objectives for each year group are clearly outlined in a progressive format so that every year group teacher is aware of the objectives throughout the school. The handwriting prompt also offers reminders on letter and number formation and indicates the hand writing families for the letter types.