Assessment Stages 1 – 6


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LitKit – Communicating the Primary English Curriculum.

In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know – 

What makes our assessment different from the rest? What makes it the assessment you’ve been waiting for?

We have developed precisely worded assessment documents which leave you in no doubt about what paragraphs, apostrophes and contractions (to name a few) look like in years 1-6. We understand that all pupils have different needs. Therefore, we have created colour coded assessment documents which allow you to assess every child using the same sheet, no matter what their next steps are!

Do you want to be able to assess every child in your class using the same age related assessment? We understand that every child is different and faces their own challenges. Therefore, we have developed a formative assessment system that will allow you to assess every member of the class using the same document!

This continuous assessment system will allow you to track your pupils progress with ease and will negate the need for lengthy writing moderation meetings! All the evidence you need in the front of your pupils books!

Assessment – In depth

LitKit has identified the specific, age-related objectives that need to be taught in each year group. A range of assessment tools have been created to track pupil progress and attainment across all aspects of the Literacy Curriculum – spelling, handwriting, composition and grammar. LitKit is consistently colour coded each aspect of the curriculum, throughout every year group, for ease of use and accessibility. These tools include an assessing pupil progress (APP)-style grid as well as ‘Book Looks’ which can be placed in the front of pupil books to monitor progress throughout the year.

LitKit has developed a comprehensive, inclusive, progressive assessment system. Developed by teachers who understand that every child matters, the LitKit assessment system allows all children to be assessed alongside their peers. This assessment negates the need to assess children below their year group. LitKit has consistently colour coded their assessment system across the year groups. Red statements indicate national curriculum stated objectives for the year group. Blue statements expose pupils early to objectives stated at working at age expected or working at a greater depth (giving pupils a greater chance of achieving these objectives). Green statements indicate objectives which have been brought up from previous year groups allowing children working below their year group to be assessed using the same document.