My name is Amy Barker. I’ve been a primary school teacher for 6 years. After working hard and gaining my masters in education, I watched the changes to the curriculum roll in. After working with substandard and confusing teaching and assessment systems for English, I thought I’d do something about it! Made by a teacher, for teachers. It’s aimed as a whole school purchase. Take a look if you have found yourself in the same boat.

LitKit – Communicating the Primary English Curriculum.

In a life beyond levels, LitKit has created an easy to use; teacher made and developed method of teaching and assessing the Literacy Curriculum.

LitKit was founded in the wake of the current changes to the curriculum. The need for a comprehensive, inclusive, clear assessment system and a guide to everything grammar drove the project forward. In 2016, the LitKit prototype was rolled out across its first primary school and has been going from strength to strength ever since.